Top Nevada REALTOR® Explains Why You Need to Move to Cadence

Top Nevada REALTOR® Explains Why You Need to Move to Cadence


Do you find yourself binge-watching House Hunters and sighing at the gorgeous open floor plans? Feel like you’re consistently opening magazines and imagining your backyard is a picturesque sprawl? Are you driving through communities and envisioning yourself biking in the stunning family-friendly park? Look no further because we have something that’s going to help you with these dreams. The new master-planned community of Cadence, located in the heart of Henderson, is one that our top Nevada REALTORS® feel is the perfect place for any family. Why would you move to Cadence? We’ve got the reasons for you here.

The number one attraction of any neighborhood is, of course, the houses. A house is more than a structure; a house is where you create and grow your family, go to for comfort, and recharge your body. One and two-story floor plans flood Cadence, and the styles range from modern to classic. The attractive appearance of the homes goes far beyond the curb appeal, as the interiors are all outfitted with the best in modern appliances, layouts, and decor. The houses are from a variety of qualified builders created from the ground up with an eye on both functionality and design. Each home feels like a unique piece of art which beckons you in.

In Cadence, attraction goes beyond the comfort of your own home. Cadence brings around a return to the enjoyment of community and has some of the best outdoors amenities available anywhere in Nevada. The free Wi-Fi might be a nice perk, but the gorgeous park located right in the middle of the community offers something for the entire family. The 50-acre amenity is flawlessly landscaped and features biking and walking trails, a splash pad for the little ones, a dog park, and even a free bike rideshare program so you can enjoy nature without any additional costs.

Not the least reason Cadence is the perfect place to move is its location. The adage of ‘location, location, location’ you hear echoing around every REALTOR®’s office is incredibly true when it comes to the Henderson community. The ease of access to freeways make even the most challenging commutes to work a breeze, and Cadence is so close to The District, Lake Las Vegas, Cowabunga Bay, and the Galleria Mall that residents of all ages will always have somewhere to go. With all the perks, do you really need another reason? Check out what’s available in Cadence today!

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