Top Henderson REALTOR® Shares Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More for Top Dollar

Top Henderson REALTOR® Shares Staging Tips That Help Homes Sell More for Top Dollar

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If you want to make money on your home sale, you need to stage it. Staging a home makes a buyer see themselves living there. They can picture sinking into the comfortable couch, or grabbing one of the oranges out of the bowl on the counter. When they picture themselves forming a life there, they create a bond with the home which makes them want to put an offer down. Staging is the ultimate way to make a home sell for top dollar, and there are a few tricks of the trade that only a top Henderson REALTOR® can share.

The easiest option when staging a home is to stage it when you are not living there. Clearing out the property of your personal belongings gives it a blank slate, so potential buyers don’t feel as if they’re infringing upon your space. If you do live within the home, don’t fret – you can still stage it to entice buyers. Start by removing and storing personal items, such as framed photos. Boxed and stored in the garage or put into a storage container both work, but the goal is to minimize your personal life in the space you’re selling. Clean everything from top to bottom. Places you wouldn’t even glance at, such as underneath the sink, could turn away potential buyers if they’re not in top condition. A deep clean of the carpets and a fresh coat of paint on the walls will give a home a fresh look even when it hasn’t been recently renovated.

When you’ve got the home painted (if needed) and thoroughly cleaned, walk through the most common spaces. The places where staging makes the biggest impact are the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Guest bedrooms and storage spaces don’t make a huge splash with buyers, and you want to focus your attention on the common living areas. However much furniture you have in each space, pull a few pieces out. Ideally, each room should feel spacious and uncluttered, so any knick-knacks lying around should be stashed. Purchase light-colored slipcovers, tablecloths, and seat covers to make furniture look light and bright. Lighter colors tend to sell better than darker, and you can even brighten the room further with a few accent lamps (turned on, of course!).

With clean furniture, fresh flooring, and all necessary areas patched up, you can focus on adding in a little flair. Brighter rooms sell better, so open all blinds and draw back curtains when showing the home. Add in a little actual life with some fresh flowers or carefully placed houseplants. Place brightly colored throw pillows (always symmetrically!) on the couches and have some fresh fruit or cookies for buyers to munch on as they stroll through the home. Little touches make all the difference, so don’t be afraid to splurge on a beautiful throw rug or a high-end standing lamp to really wow potential buyers. With a few simple tweaks to your staging, your home could sell for top dollar with minimal effort!

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