The Right Way To List And Sell Your Home In Henderson, Nevada

remodeled kitchen in henderson, nv

Selling your home is no small feat. With the competitive market which currently exists in Henderson, selling a home must be done with care and precision. Listing your home is much more than putting up some pretty pictures and tacking on a price. There is considerable planning involved in taking photos, assessing the market, and choosing who to target as a buyer. As with anything that has money riding on it, taking the cheap route won’t work during the selling process. There is a right way to list and sell your home in Henderson, Nevada – and it only takes a few extra steps!

Step number one in listing your home should always be to prep the home. Quality landscaping is a great first start, but the meat of the listing will be the inside. Cleaning goes a long way, but if the home is older it may be a good choice to do a renovation that encourages top dollar sales. The market in Henderson is competitive, and having a home with a standout kitchen makes your house sail above the others in the neighborhood. New flooring, trim, paint, or cabinets could be the improvement needed which pushes a sale through. If you find your budget stretched, don’t fret – a treatment of the floors, such as a deep carpet shampoo, can make a space feel new without changing a thing.

Once the house is show ready, you have to give it some proverbial headshots. A good home listing has stunning, formal pictures which highlight all the best areas of the home. Do not be afraid to go big on the photos; having more to look at just encourages buyers to view in person. You’ll want to hire a photographer who specializes in real estate, as they can seek out the most flattering angles and make the home appear spacious in areas which are tighter. Lighting matters, so pull back blinds and curtains to open up the room as needed. If you really want to go all out, try a 3D rendering or a video that scrolls through the various rooms of the home. Tech-savvy buyers will love the added touch, and high-end home seekers are looking for a thorough display.

If the home looks show ready and you have all the materials needed to promote it, it’s time to do some marketing. Quality real estate agents are able to push homes to potential buyers, but self-listing takes a little more care. Sites which host listings often work on advertisement pushes, so don’t be afraid to spend a little money to get higher visibility. Having a competitive price is obviously a huge boost to your potential buyers, and getting the home appraised prior to listing could mean the difference between getting an offer and sitting on the market. If you’re nervous about self-listing, we always recommend going through a trusted real estate agent who is known in the Henderson market and can reach qualified buyers more evenly than a traditional hosting medium. Selling your home and getting the best deal should always be exciting, and never nerve-wracking!

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