Moving to Henderson, Nevada: The Ultimate Checklist

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There’s a lot of things to cross off your list when packing up for any move, but moving to Henderson, Nevada presents some unique topics on a checklist. Whether you’re coming from within the state or across the country, there are plenty of things to prepare for. The climate is famous for the heat, but have you bought enough lotion for the dryness? Are you ready for the fast-paced social aspect of living in one of the country’s best places to live? Did you pack enough sunscreen? Are the kids already enrolled in school? Don’t fret; we’ve got the ultimate checklist for your move to Henderson.

1. Find A Job

Henderson is a thriving economy, but you never want to dive headfirst into a move without having a piece of that economy carved out for yourself. Before moving to Henderson, search around the neighborhood you’re thinking about to find a reliable position for yourself. There’s everything from big corporations to small mom and pop businesses, and plenty of available real estate for a business owner to claim for themselves.

2. Schools

Some of the best schools in the country reside in the heart of Henderson, and you’ll want to make sure the little ones are enrolled as early as possible. Make sure to have transcripts handy and reach out several months in advance to set up their curriculum prior to moving to Henderson. Several schools are specialized and require testing for admission. So, make sure your kids take them in plenty of time for the upcoming school year.

3. Neighborhood

Potentially one of the best things about Henderson, Nevada is the vast array of master-planned communities, such as the stunning Cadence, to settle in. Communities range from the youth-minded with bike share programs and free Wi-Fi to retirement-only areas which focus on pure relaxation. Contact one of our Henderson REALTORS® at (702) 331-3948 for immediate assistance to find out which community will work best with your needs.


It’s not fun, but paperwork is a fact of life. When you plan on a move, you need to make sure you have everything carefully in place. Once your realtor has set you up with your dream home, fill out change of address forms with the post office and all your recurring bills, such as your phone service provider and bank (you may want to set up a new account with one of the amazing Nevada banks to make the transition easier). This will help you when you settle into your new Henderson home, as most of the work is done for you.

5. Dress Appropriately

If you’re coming from a colder climate, you might want to take this time to purge your closet. Henderson warms up around Labor Day to a dry heat, and you should be plenty prepped for the new weather. Take the opportunity for a little shopping and stock up on shorts, polos, and lightweight clothing to stay cool in your new neighborhood. When packing, nestle plenty of sunblock and lotion into your suitcase. Keeping your skin hydrated is as crucial as wearing the right clothes and having plenty of moisturizers is something any Henderson native will nod at.

6.Check Out the Scenery

Once you’ve unpacked all the boxes in your gorgeous home in Henderson, you’ll want to check out what’s around. Henderson is packed with the best stores, restaurants, and entertainment in the Las Vegas valley, and there’s no shame in exploring. Take your time and check out everything from Green Valley Ranch to Lake Mead. With places for singles to congregate, seniors to enjoy their retirement, and kids to have the time of their lives, the social community offers a little something for everyone moving to Henderson

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