Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Home in Henderson?

Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Home in Henderson?

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As the economy in and around Henderson, Nevada steadily grows, so too does your home’s value. Housing markets fluctuate, but the Henderson home market has some constants. The question comes down to: is it the right time for you to sell your home in Henderson; we’ve got the answer.

Historically, spring is the best time to sell your home. Selling in the spring catches people who are looking to either set themselves or their families up for the coming school/fiscal year. Ever heard the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’? The proof comes from the sheer amount of home sales through spring. Moving in Las Vegas’ summer heat is unbearably hot, so those who are serious about making offers do so in the earlier months. Furthermore, houses sit for less time on the market when they’re posted in spring. Something about having windows open, fresh air flowing through a perfectly staged home, and the scent of blossoming flowers says ‘buy me’ to prospective candidates.

Henderson is a city of homeowners. The majority of people living in Henderson own their homes rather than rent (over 70%). The median home value throughout the city is over $360,000 (as opposed to Las Vegas, which is just over $275,000). The community is considered one of the safest in the country, and the variety of home styles throughout Henderson make it a highly desired place to live. If you already own a home in Henderson, you know many of the local schools are top-ranked, so home seeking buyers are on the lookout for available properties close to Henderson schools. With the variety of master-planned communities, such as Cadence, Lake Las Vegas, Calico Ridge and others, individual properties seamlessly integrate into localized hubs with a strong community value. In short, Henderson is a great place to be.

Considering the Las Vegas Valley’s growth over recent years, we at the Trish Nash Team can confidently say now is the right time to sell your home in Henderson. High property values in desirable communities means it’s a sellers’ market, and you have the opportunity to score your dream asking price. Predictions on the housing community project slow growth, so waiting to sell won’t necessarily raise your capital and may potentially harm it. The best thing to do, if you’re considering selling your home, is to contact a qualified realtor and work with them to act quickly and get the best bang for your buck.

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