Henderson Schools: The Best Schools in Your Area

Henderson Schools: The Best Schools in Your Area

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Living in Henderson, NV brings a multitude of benefits, including being so near the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. The sprawling city comes equipped with homes that range from modern master planned communities to classic architectural masterpieces, but choosing a home for your family often includes much more than an appealing building exterior. Henderson boasts some of the most outstanding resorts, shopping centers, golf courses, and entertainment in the greater Las Vegas Valley, but education plays a key part in your home choice. Henderson offers some key players that you may want to consider looking into for your children’s education. Here are the best Henderson schools to enroll your children in that are in your area.

Elementary School:

For the little ones, school needs to be more than just a place to take standardized tests. Finding a school that you feel comfortable having your child take their first education steps in can be challenging, but fortunately Shirley & Bill Wallin Elementary School in Henderson is here to save the day. The school is ranked 4th out of all Nevada public elementary schools, and offers challenging curriculum in classes that have an average of 16 students to each teacher. Located near Madeira Canyon Park, the school offers before and after school care, as well as programs in art, music, and physical education that lead the city’s efforts in well-rounded education.

Middle School:

Del E. Webb Middle School is widely regarded as one of the best bets for middle school education in Henderson, NV. The school ranks second in Nevada middle schools, and boasted an average testing score in the 90s during the 2017 school year. With 70 full-time teachers, Del E. Webb has a strong faculty dedicated to ensuring your child receives an education that will set them up for a successful life. The middle school also encourages children to join extracurricular activities, which can range from an on-site chess club to an innovative program on digital literacy.

High School:

The College of Southern Nevada High School (South location) is more than a high school: it’s an innovation. The dual program allows children to receive both a high school education and a college education within the same coursework, and most attendees graduate high school with an accredited associate’s degree in hand. The program has been regarded by former students as challenging, and does require an admissions application with essay work included, but has been applauded for its ability to move students directly from high school into either the path to a bachelor’s degree or a career.

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