Henderson Community: 6 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Henderson Community: 6 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer


The dynamic and ever-growing Henderson community offers up a wide variety of fun year round, but summer is definitely its time to shine when it comes to the kids. While they’re out of school, it is the perfect time to get some family bonding time in one of Nevada’s most popular communities. Everything from outdoor activities to “making learning fun” is available in the second-largest city in the state, and most of it is more affordable than even going out to dinner. Check out these six fun things to do with your kids this summer!

The Henderson Community

1.Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

Located in the heart of Henderson, this long-standing preserve aims to show kids the beauty of nature. Taking a morning stroll across the sprawling 140-acre plot offers children the opportunity to view different seasonal birds, gorgeous man-made ponds teaming with wildlife, and colorful fauna. Make sure to bring sunscreen!

2. Lion Habitat

One of Henderson’s best-kept secrets, the lion habitat is a treat for all ages. It’s tucked away on the outskirts of the city but holds over 50 lions as well as a giraffe. The ranch supports animal welfare charities and houses several lions rescued from neglect, so you can feel good about bringing the kids to see one of nature’s predators.

3. Clark County Museum

It might not have the most interesting name, but the Clark County Museum is without a doubt one of the best museums the city has to offer. The museum has a few indoor exhibits about wildlife and the first people to live in Nevada, but it’s shining attraction is the fully restored and original homes that Vegas’ first settlers came to live in. Your kids can walk through original homes and marvel at how the beautiful city came to be.

4. King Putt Mini Golf

More than just the pun its’ name suggests, King Putt brings fun for all ages in a unique way. The neon-lit Egyptian themed mini golf course is challenging but fun for kids, and the indoor arcade is sure to please even the pickiest entertainment connoisseurs.

5. Cowabunga Bay

Have you ever wanted to dare your child to go down one of the city’s most terrifyingly fun water slides? Well, now’s your chance! Cowabunga Bay beats out even the best backyard pool parties with its collection of thrilling water rides and attractions designed to help you cool off on those hot summer days.

6. The Sunset Stampede

Locals’ casino favorite, Sam’s Town, offers significantly more than a few tired slot machines and a food court. Every night, the casino’s atrium lights up with a spectacular show that features animatronics, laser lights, and high-tech water jets that will leave kids thrilled to be up past their bedtime.

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