From The Trish Nash Team: Why You Should Hire Us As Your Henderson REALTORS®

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Having a Henderson REALTOR® that you can trust is an absolute necessity, whether you’re buying or selling a property. Whether it is your first property purchase or your 100th, your REALTOR® needs to be someone you can depend on. Other companies might have a large team that seems qualified but switches your representative around every time you meet, or be so crowded with client requests that they don’t have time to answer every question you have. The good thing is that the Trish Nash Team is here to save the day – and we have the answers to ‘why should I hire you as my Henderson REALTOR®’?

Personalized Service

One of the benefits of hiring the Trish Nash Team is that you’re getting a highly personal experience with no added costs. You may be tempted to go after a company with a national brand, but unfortunately, their size often betrays a lack of attention. Smaller companies that have a more intimate team are able to dedicate more time to your individual needs. Plus, we’re not focused on recruiting new REALTORS®; we’re focused on making sure you get your dream property.

Community Involvement

Many Las Vegas REALTORS® say they know the entire valley, but our team is involved in our community. The Trish Nash Team believes in giving back to the community and is well known to happily sponsor community organizations and events. Trish Nash is a member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce (since January 2015) and has served on multiple committees.

Trish has also been recognized by National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Southern Nevada as one of the 2018 class of Women of Distinction finalists. Trish serves on the Finance Council for St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, the Living Grace Home Advisory Group, the Veteran’s Treatment Court Advisory Board and was recently appointed to serve on the City of Henderson Comprehensive Plan Implementation Advisory Committee.

Community Knowledge

Henderson is our bread and butter. It’s older, settled-in ranch style homes mix well with the newer, master-planned communities. We are very knowledgeable of the unique features and amenities of communities such as Lake Las Vegas, Tuscany, Cadence, Calico Ridge and Weston Hills. Knowing these communities inside and out means we can answer the questions you have about living in and around them; helping you make an informed choice. We love the mix that’s included in Henderson properties, and we feel that we will be able to find you a home that’s perfect for you without having you drive all over town.

Professional Representation

Announcing that you’re looking to buy or sell a home is a good way to get your brother’s wife’s cousin’s best friend calling you and asking you to hire them as a REALTOR®. Never go with someone who does real estate ‘on the side’ or part-time. A professional, full-time REALTOR® is the only person who will be able to know the ins and outs of both purchasing and selling homes. Less experienced REALTORS® will know the basics – but WikiHow won’t cut it this time around. Our team has only qualified REALTORS® with multiple years of full-time experience in the industry. You can be confident that you’re taken care of.

The thing that we are most proud of here at the Trish Nash Team is we care about you. Our job isn’t some commission farm where we drag you in, listen for ten minutes about how you love open floorplans, and then send you off to see five recommendations. We strive to ensure that your every need is addressed during the entire buying process, and will be available to make you feel comfortable with your decision.

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