East Henderson Nevada Real Estate: A Home Buyer’s Best Investment Right Now

East Henderson Nevada Real Estate: A Home Buyer’s Best Investment Right Now

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Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a home to live in or to rent out, buying a home in East Henderson is one of the best investments you could make in 2018. Henderson, Nevada is an older community adjacent to Las Vegas, but is known by Forbes and CNNMoney.com to be one of the top communities to live in within the United States. With growth rates at an all-time high, East Henderson offers a wide variety of homes, from more classic ranch-style homes to ultra-modern masterpieces. The booming community is a great option for anybody looking to live in or near Las Vegas but avoid the hustle of the Strip. While prices have risen lately, investing in a piece of East Henderson real estate could show a significant ROI if done properly.

The Vegas Golden Knights and, more recently, the Las Vegas Raiders, have brought an influx of homeowners flooding into the Las Vegas Valley. Prices have risen across the board, but one major change stands out more than any other: it is now cheaper to purchase a home in Las Vegas than to rent one. This is a double-edged sword to many, but can be great if you’re investing in property. Higher rental prices mean that you can work within a competitive market if you’re looking to rent out a Henderson property. The community is in high demand, which means that you can use the market to your advantage for added income.

In a market as competitive as the Las Vegas home market, you hold all the bargaining chips. Buyers are aware that there are houses on nearly every street for sale, which transfers all the power into your hands. If you choose to invest in an East Henderson home in 2018, you have the opportunity to keep your initial costs low and your return high. Many sellers are willing to work with you on the cost (even covering important chunks of change such as part of the closing costs), and having an experienced REALTOR® can save you in the thousands on the front end.

Inflation can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to investing in a property in Las Vegas. In 2010, home prices were at an all-time low, but the market has since swung back around to see homeowners reaping in massive inflation returns. A home that would have been worth $120,000 in 2010 is now worth double that, and the average cost of a home in Las Vegas now is $260,000. Investing in a home is like taking an elevator to the top floor – prices will only go up, so you want to get on early.

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