Cadence: Why it is the Perfect Neighborhood for Families

Cadence: Why it is the Perfect Neighborhood for Families

Cadence Why it is the Perfect Neighborhood for Families

Real estate trends come and go, and one that we’re happy to show out the door is the 1960’s-esque cul-de-sac filled suburban sprawls. Instead of a sea of roofs, Henderson neighborhoods are embracing the master-planned community: a community that is planned around living instead of just living space. What makes a great master-planned neighborhood? Amenities, convenience, and a sense of community. We’re here today to tell you about one of our absolute favorite neighborhoods for families, Cadence, and why it’s one you should consider for your new home.

Families are flocking to Cadence for more than just the stunning, all-new floor plans and unique architecture. The community is one of the freshest in Henderson. While the home is the center of the family, Cadence beckons families in with more amenities than you can count. The center of the community is a massive 50-acre park with impeccable landscaping and something for all ages. A climbing wall for the older and more physically adept, a ‘tot lot’ for the young ones still learning about the world, and three double-gated dog parks cement the epicenter of the community as a place that the whole family will want to spend their time.

For the more active-minded families, Cadence is a perfect fit. The beautiful center park features a variety of hiking and biking trails, and biking is made even simpler by the free bike share program that’s spread throughout the community. You read that right – bikes for every age are provided free of charge to the entire neighborhood through convenient pickup locations. Take it on an easy spin throughout the community and introduce the kids to your neighbors, or challenge the whole family with the historic Lake Mead biking trail, which takes them up and around on a former railroad trail to the Hoover Dam.

If the amenities don’t sell you on Cadence, and the floor plans don’t matter much to you, consider the long-term. Cadence is near some of the top public and private schools in the entire Las Vegas Valley. It’s important to establish your family in an area that’s sure to give long-term positive effects. Think about watching your little one graduate from Pinecrest Academy, or succeed in a fast-track program at the Legacy Traditional School. With so much to offer, Cadence has established itself as one of the top neighborhoods for families. It provides terrific proximity to prestigious schools, stunning outdoor environments, and some of the best in-home amenities in modern housing.

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