8 Reasons Cadence is the Up and Coming Neighborhood for 2019

8 Reasons Cadence is the Up and Coming Neighborhood for 2019

8 Reasons Cadence is the Up and Coming Neighborhood for 2019

We all know that Henderson is one of the best places to live in the nation, but what’s really ramping up our excitement for the city is all of the brand-new master planned communities. With today’s world of endless suburbs, a master-planned community is an ideal choice for those looking to have a sense of old-school neighborhood charm. Armed with great amenities, grounds, and of course gorgeous homes, Cadence is a great neighborhood to choose for 2019. Don’t believe us? We’ve got 8 reasons why Cadence is an up and comer that you don’t want to overlook.

1. Inclusivity

One of our favorite features which Cadence offers is the variety of sub-communities. Traditional homes, modern options, and even an all-new active senior community all come together under one umbrella. There are homes available for new families, retired couples, and those looking to get their life started within Cadence. Including everyone’s needs is only one of the things that set Cadence apart.

2. Bike Share Program

It has been mentioned in our blogs before, but it’s just so cool that we can’t help repeating it. Cadence’s bike share program is a revolutionary feature that encourages sharing, neighborhood bonds, and physical fitness – all wrapped up into one neat package. Enjoy bike rides around the beautiful grounds with your family and neighbors at no additional cost!

3. Central Park

No need to purchase a flight to New York to see Central Park anymore! Cadence features a stunning 50-acre outdoor center that’s unrivaled by any other community in Henderson. A splash pad and six-lane pool work to keep recreation cool in the searing Vegas summers, while the amphitheater and children’s play areas keep winter activities exciting.

4. Schools

If you are one of the many people considering Cadence for your new family home, you will be pleased to find a large array of school options nearby. Tuition-free charter schools are right at your doorstep too. Many Henderson schools provide your little ones education using revolutionary methods and high-tech accompaniments.

5. Builders

Great homes do not have to be cookie-cutter homes. One of the perks to Cadence is that multiple designers and builders were involved in erecting the houses, so there are enough options to fit any personal style. All homes are crafted to last, and Cadence hopes that 2019 will be the year you consider this community when choosing your forever home.

6. Events

There is honestly just too much going on in Cadence for 2019 for us to list it all out for you. Community members enjoy concerts, food festivals, block parties, meet and greets, and so much more – all for free!

7. Location

Did we mention convenience? Because there’s a lot of it at Cadence. Being in the heart of Henderson means never being far away from all the entertainment and shopping you can handle. Near The District at Green Valley Ranch, your home will never be far from some of Henderson’s best restaurants, stores, and activities.

8. Community

Without a doubt, the one thing that makes Cadence an up and coming neighborhood for 2019 is the sense of community. Neighbors aren’t just people who live near you in Cadence; they’re friends, family, and coworkers. The amenities and activities that Cadence offers encourage you to share your life with others. Your friends will never be jealous of your neighborhood because they’ll be in your community.

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