5 Simple Fall Activities for the Kids in Henderson

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The wide variety of stunning communities in Henderson offer a huge array of activities for the entire family year-round, but fall is truly the city’s time to shine. Pumpkin patches may stand as the symbol of fall family-friendly fun times, but there is so much more to explore in Henderson. Whether you’re in the luxurious getaway of Lake Las Vegas, or in the modern community of Cadence, there are always things to do with the little ones. We’ve put together a list of our favorite five simple fall activities for the kids in our beloved home of Henderson.

1. Clark County Museum

30 sprawling acres make up one of Nevada’s most prevalent museums, and it’s right in the heart of Henderson. Located off of Boulder Highway, the Clark County Museum makes our list due to its simplified history of Clark County. Here, the kids will be able to explore interactive exhibits, such as original homes from the settlers of the land, as well as learn about how prehistoric people lived in the Valley. Most of the museum is outdoors, making this the perfect fall attraction.

2. Wetlands Biking Trail

The Wetlands Nature Preserve is an enormous nature sanctuary that’s open to the public year-round. If your kids enjoy the outdoors but you don’t want to head to Red Rock, take a bike around the Wetlands biking trail. The perfectly manicured trails will take you and the family through a variety of natural landscapes, and the length options make it easy to tailor your ride to your skill level.

3. Color Walk

Henderson is becoming famous for its meticulously kept up public parks, and the fall is the perfect time to enjoy them with the whole family. A fun activity for the little ones is a ‘color walk’, where you pick a color and they try to find as many items in the park that have that color. Get creative and choose something rarer, like orange, to encourage them to look past the playground.

4. Lion Habitat Ranch

What child wouldn’t want to see a lion in its natural habitat? Henderson is home to the Lion Habitat Ranch, an 8.5 acre sprawling haven for retired MGM living attractions. The habitat offers activities that range from the exciting walkthrough to the thrilling experience of feeding the lions. The only catch is that hours are limited, so you’ll head down when the weather is perfect – between 10 am and 2 pm.

5. Haunted House

When the leaves turn orange, Halloween is in the air. While they might not be allowed to watch R-rated horror movies yet, kids still deserve a good (safe) scare. During the early fall is when all the haunted houses pop up around Henderson, and you can find locations even in shopping parking lots. Most houses expect children and don’t really offer anything to scare the average adult, but the kids will be thinking about this thrilling activity all year long.

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